Tamper Evident Containers

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1What is tamper proof container?

Tamper proof containers consist of security labels. The security labels are designed to stop anyone from accessing the contents of the container. It also lets you see if someone has opened, changed, removed, or damaged the content.
Tamper resistant packaging is more challenging and time-consuming to open than other packaging systems. Therefore, the medical industry or drug makers generally use tamper proof containers, locks, or packaging for their products.
SK Packaging manufactures superior quality tamper evident plastic containers and supplies Australia-wide. We offer an excellent selection of round tamper evident tub and lid container products in different capacities to suit your storage needs. In addition, we provide in-mould labelling depending on your specific requirements. You can contact our expert team to get more information on our service and products.

2Why should we use tamper proof packaging materials?

Many products available in the market are vulnerable to tampering and need extra security to protect their integrity. So, the pharmaceutical companies and the food and beverage industry should pay extra attention to packaging security to avoid any potentially catastrophic consequences of tampering.
If you produce or distribute products for human consumption, you are required to use enhanced security measures to ensure the safety of your consumers. It’s also the demand for safety laws and regulations. In addition, it will keep your corporate reputation intact.
Marketers can reap additional benefits by using tamper proof packaging materials and increasing packaging security. It protects your products and gains other advantages, like:

  • Reduces damage risk
  • Promotes safety
  • Increases customer trust and loyalty
  • Ensures quality control
  • Improves financial gains
  • Offers protection from disastrous events
  • Ensures consumer safety
3What is tamper proof lid?

A tamper proof lid is used to cover or seal a tamper evident container. If a container consists of tamper proof top or lid, you can easily detect if someone has opened the container. In addition, an approved, sealed, and tamper-evident container with a lid is a closed container. It protects the container’s content from leakage or alteration in any manner. The sealed lid prevents reopening without visible evidence that someone has tried to break or remove the lid.
Tamper-proof lid speaks of consumer safety and protects the products against illegal replacement or tampering. Using such types of lids in your packaging containers can safeguard you against the likelihood of any tragedies or miss happenings.
At SK Packaging, we manufacture and supply a wide range of tamper proof tubs, lids, and many other containers of different sizes, shapes, and capacities. You can call us to discuss your requirements.

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