From ideation to Design. We offer a full range of FMCG packaging design services. Create inspirational packaging for your brand that is both functional and attractive, our team can design a tailor-made package solution to satisfy your brief whether it be a tamper-evident, a film-seal container or something completely new


Realise your product. Create a custom design that stands out from the competition, amplifies your brand and exudes high-quality in purpose and design. Whether We can scale, shape and print a functional prototype, suitable for marketing and testing purposes, that fully actualises the needs of your product


Mass Produce your product. SK Packaging provides a variety of food packaging products for businesses around Australia. We offer versatility in range, from tamper evident, Film-seal and foil-seal, yoghurt tubs, or containers for soup and sauces. We specialise in producing quality packaging on mass to suit your needs

Plastic Packaging in Australia

At Sneddon & Kingston, we specialise in the design and manufacturing of plastic tubs, containers, buckets and other plastic packaging for both food and chemical businesses. From design to manufacturing, we manage all aspects to make packaging that both suits and elevates your product. Our expertise extends to plastic tubs Australia and food grade plastic containers, ensuring the safety and integrity of your products while meeting stringent quality standards.

Take advantage of the latest innovations and market trends in product development and stay ahead of the competition. For more information about our new product development and design services, contact us. Make SK Packaging your preferred plastic packaging supplier.

We Engineer Your Ideas

Whether it’s in mould labels tubs, food grade plastic containers, tamper-proof containers, plastic food tubs, or any other plastic tubs, we manufacture products that suit your specifications and requirements. In addition, we believe in translating your ideas into commercially successful and viable end products to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Our research team strives continuously to develop new and innovative products that ensure your commercial success. We use a client-centric approach towards developing an innovative packaging solution keeping your need and budget in mind.

Moreover, we also take care of in-mould labels to provide complete integrated facilities to all our clients. Whether it’s label making, mould adaptations or any other services, you can rely on our expertise. In an ever-growing packaging sector, we know in mould labels/IML decoration is the first choice of many clients who want to project the brand image of their products. In addition, our in mould labels decorated thin wall containers are suitable for microwave, deep freezing, and storage.

Obsessed With Quality

Our commitment to product and service excellence is reflected in the growing demand for our products and the increasing customer satisfaction rate. Moreover, we believe that improvement for quality has no finish line; there is always a scope for more. That is why we invest in technology and remain up to date with the latest development to improve ourselves continuously. As a result, our high-speed quality performance and exceptional customer service have enabled us to establish ourselves as a reliable partner of many.

Moreover, we strictly follow Australian standards and norms for plastic packaging to ensure product quality and safety. Quality management, implementation, and product performance are a significant part of our project regardless of your budget and project size.

About Sk Packaging

Get to know our plastic packaging specialists in Preston, Melbourne. Find out why we are preferred choice for rigid plastic food containers Australia. Call us today for more information about our production and distribution capabilities. Find out how we can be your preferred plastic packaging suppliers today.

Over Six Decades of Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Service in Australia

Pioneers in injection moulding, SK Packaging has a proud history of delivering exceptional quality plastic packaging in Australia. Our team draws from a strong foundation of experience and understands precisely what the market is looking for. If you need professional guidance for your next project, speak with us. SK Packaging look forward to partnering with you to be your preferred plastic packaging supplier.

Plastic Packaging for Specific Industries in Australia

Learn more about how we provide plastic packaging for the food and

See Plastic Packaging Our Products

Browse our selection of tamper evident plastic containers , tubs and other plastic products. For more information about product specifications and custom options,contact us.

Plastic Food Containers for Businesses in Australia and Beyond

Sneddon & Kingston can manage all your injection moulded plastic packaging needs in Australia. We offer everything from tamper evident containers to large scale and customisable branding solutions for FMCG clients. Call today.

SK Packaging FAQ

1What are the best plastic food storage containers?
The best plastic containers for storing food are round tamper evident containers, flat flanged containers, and plastic pails with lids. Tamper evident plastic containers are leak-resistant, microwave-safe, tamper-evident, and recyclable. In contrast, flat flanged containers have a hermetic seal and are ideal for food items that need to be stored in airtight containers. Similarly, plastic pails with lids are the best choice for industrial storage and foodservice industries. Get in touch with us to place an order for any of these three food containers today.
2Can you put hot food in a plastic container?
You can put hot food in plastic containers that are made of high-quality material. At SK Packaging, our round tamper evident containers are made using the best quality plastic. This makes them microwaveable and suitable for hot food up to 85°C. Heating food or storing hot food in containers made from low-quality plastic is not recommended. This is because the chemicals from low-grade plastic can contaminate the food and change its genetic composition. Hence, we suggest checking the quality of the plastic container before putting hot food inside of it.
3What are the best storage containers for food?
Containers made of high-grade plastic are ideal for storing food. Our round tamper evident plastic containers come with secure lids and are leak resistant. Made of clear plastic, our product is microwaveable, hot fillable to 85°C, and recyclable. We supply quality tamper-proof plastic packaging for your company’s food product needs. We also provide in-mould labelling options so you can customise product packaging as per your requirements.
4What is the safest plastic for food?
Plastic containers that are compliant to Australian Standards AS2070 are safe for packing food items. At SK Packaging, we produce only AS2070 compliant plastic packaging containers to provide our customers with superior quality products. Our containers are safe for all types of food storage. Additionally, our cleanroom facility has been approved by HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and we adhere to the quality accreditation ISO 9001: 2008. Hence, our quality systems are regularly audited to maintain an incredibly high standard.
5What plastic is used for packaging?
Plastics are commonly used for packaging as they are lightweight, easy to carry, and can be easily manufactured. In addition, they can conveniently replace glass, steel, and aluminium as a cost-effective alternative. However, all plastic packaging begins as tiny resins, which are small materials that form polymers. Plastic resins are available in various colours and forms to meet different marketplace demands. Therefore, many plastic resins with different molecular structures are used in packaging applications. Some of them include High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Polystyrene (PS), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC, Vinyl), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE), and Polypropylene. As one of the expert plastic packaging manufacturers, SK Packaging takes advantage of innovative ideas and market trends to offer you the type of packaging solution you expect. You can contact us to know in detail.
6How do you make plastic packaging?
Plastic packaging manufacturers use various raw materials to make plastic packaging. The raw materials include virgin plastics, bio-based plastics, recycled plastics, and combinations with other materials like paper, aluminium etc. The use of different raw materials gives the packaging the essential functionalities throughout its life cycle. In addition, the transformation and decoration processes used to produce plastic packaging in Australia are numerous. It includes calendaring, injection, thermoforming, extrusion, etc. Then plastic packaging is used to provide the packaging solution to different products, like food, cosmetics, beverages, detergents, materials, ingredients, etc. SK Packaging is a trusted plastic packaging supplier across Australia. You can speak to our expert to know more about the manufacturing process.
7How do you know if plastic is food grade?
Plastics that are used to pack and store food and drink are manufactured to a much higher standard than other plastics. These plastics are called food grade plastic. Food agencies use food grade plastic containers. They check that they should not contain dyes or other recycled parts that are harmful to human beings while using them for storing food and drink. The easiest way to check if the plastic is food grade is to look for the Resin Identification Code, also called the recycling number. It helps to identify the type of plastic material. The code consists of a triangle of arrows surrounding a number between 1 and 7. If you want a safe plastic container for storing food items, you can buy code numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5. They are food grade and safe to use. However, the plastic with code number 1 is made for single use.
8Which grade of plastic is safe for food?
Plastic bottles or jars, including condiment containers or single-serving bottles made of food grade plastic like Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE), are safe to use. However, milk jugs, grocery bags, and squeeze-dispenser bottles made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are also safe. In addition, cling wrap high clarity food storage bags made of Polyvinyl Chloride also provide a safe storage solution. In addition, plastics with grades #2, #4 and #5 are generally considered safe for storing and consuming food items and drinks. But you should be careful while using them in the microwave, even if they are labelled as microwave safe. However, plastics with categories #1, #3, #6, and #7 should be used with extreme caution for storing food or drink. All our plastic food containers in Australia are made of food grade plastics that ensure their safety and usability. You can also contact us for different ranges of plastic food tubs in Australia.
9What is an in mould label?
In Mould Labels, commonly known as IML, is an injection moulding process. This process is used to produce the decoration of the plastic part. It decorates the plastic parts using a label during the plastic injection process. First, a pre-printed label is inserted through automation into the cavity of an injection mould. Then the plastic is injected over the label. IML or in-mould labelling provides a superior decoration option to the plastic packaging industry. At SK Packaging, we provide custom design plastics with IML. In addition, we manufacture and supply a wide range of plastic tubs Australia-wide. You can contact our expert for more information.
10What is the IML process?
In-mould labelling or IML process is the innovative labelling technology used for plastic packaging. It involves a sophisticated procedure. First, a plastic design engineer places a pre-printed label in the injection moulding machine. Then, the labelling process takes place simultaneously with the packaging production process. You don’t need a separate adhesive film, as when you inject liquid plastic, the labels bind directly with the plastic polymer melt. As a result, the label forms an inseparable unit with the packaging after it cools. Therefore, you can use this processing technology to create recyclable single-material packaging. It’s a primary factor that you can’t underestimate.
11What are IML containers?
IML containers are made from IML technology. IML technology is the popular method of decorating rigid plastic containers used by almost all progressive plastic industries nowadays. IML or in-mould label is the process of labelling on the plastic package that is simultaneously carried on during the manufacturing process of the package. It results in labelled plastic parts directly from the tool. In addition, it helps in producing containers with high-quality graphics. As a reputed IML container manufacturer and a supply, SK Packaging stocks IML tubs and many other containers catering to the needs of different industries. You can get in touch with our IML specialist to learn more about the procedure.
12What is IML material?
IML or in-mould labelling involves using plastic or paper labels during the manufacturing of a container or parts using blow moulding, thermoforming, or injection moulding processes. However, the term IML stands for a technique. It’s a technology where a pre-printed polypropylene is inserted in a mould that has the shape of your end product. When you add the molten polypropylene to the mould, it fuses with the label and takes the shape of the mould. Again, you can contact us to know the procedure in detail.
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