From ideation to Design. We offer a full range of FMCG packaging design services. Create inspirational packaging for your brand that is both functional and attractive, our team can design a tailor-made package solution to satisfy your brief whether it be a tamper-evident, a film-seal container or something completely new.


Realise your product. Create a custom design that stands out from the competition, amplifies your brand and exudes high-quality in purpose and design. We can scale, shape and print a functional prototype, suitable for marketing and testing purposes, that fully actualises the needs of your product.


Mass Produce your product. SK Packaging provides a variety of food packaging products for businesses around Australia. We offer versatility in range, from tamper evident, Film-seal and foil-seal, yoghurt tubs, or containers for soup and sauces. We specialise in producing quality packaging on mass to suit your needs.

Plastic Packaging in Australia

At Sneddon & Kingston, we specialise in the design and manufacturing of tubs, containers, buckets and other plastic packaging for both food and chemical businesses. From design to manufacturing, we manage all aspects to make packaging that both suits and elevates your product.

Take advantage of the latest innovations and market trends in product development and stay ahead of the competition. For more information about our new product development and design services, contact us. Make SK Packaging your preferred plastic packaging supplier.

About Sk Packaging

Get to know our plastic packaging specialists in Preston, Melbourne. Find out why we are Australia’s preferred choice for rigid plastic food containers. Call us today for more information about our production and distribution capabilities. Find out how we can be your preferred plastic packaging suppliers today.

Over Six Decades of Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Service in Australia

Pioneers in injection moulding, SK Packaging has a proud history of delivering exceptional quality plastic packaging in Australia. Our team draws from a strong foundation of experience and understands precisely what the market is looking for. If you need professional guidance for your next project, speak with us. SK Packaging look forward to partnering with you to be your preferred plastic packaging supplier.

Plastic Packaging for Specific Industries in Australia

Learn more about how we provide plastic packaging for the food and chemical industries.

See Plastic Packaging Our Products

Browse our selection of tamper evident plastic containers , tubs and other plastic products. For more information about product specifications and custom options,contact us.

Plastic Food Containers for Businesses in Australia and Beyond

Sneddon & Kingston can manage all your injection moulded plastic packaging needs in Australia. We offer everything from tamper evident containers to large scale and customisable branding solutions for FMCG clients. Call today.

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