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Plastic Pails for Food Service

When it comes to food service, plastic pails are a perfect choice, offering a lightweight yet durable option for easily carrying and storing large quantities of items. If you are searching for plastic pail containers for food service, SK Packaging is a leading provider of plastic pails in Australia with a range of different designs available.

We can produce injection moulded pails (2L-20L) with or without IML decoration at SK Packaging. Our pails come in various sizes, and their versatility makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, they're extremely easy to clean. Thanks to the convenience and practical design, businesses rely on them time after time when sending out shipments or needing bulk storage solutions. Our plastic pails offer dependable performance that fits any business need, including food service.

What Our Plastic Pails Can Do for Your Food Service Needs

Plastic pails are ideal for various food service needs due to their versatility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Storage and Transportation

    Plastic pails come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can be suited to an array of different food service needs. For example, they can be used as storage containers or vessels for transporting ingredients or prepared foods from one place to another. Additionally, we also manufacture and supply pails with lids. They guarantee moisture control and help maintain the freshness of the contents stored inside them.

  • Freezing Food Items

    We use high-quality plastic materials for manufacturing pails. It allows them to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or warping - making them perfect tools for freezing certain kinds of food like ice cream and yogurt. Furthermore, they are also very resistant to high temperatures – so you can safely use them during hot days without fear of melting or deforming your products.

  • Provides Affordable Storage Solution

    We manufacture and supply various ranges of plastic pails at highly competitive prices - depending on the size and quality required for your needs. It helps us to offer our customers an affordable solution to storing large amounts of product and avoiding wastage due to spoilage caused by poor storage capabilities provided by other materials.

Our plastic containers are incredibly versatile items with many uses within the food service industry, ranging from storage to transportation. Their ease of use, affordability and dependability make this suitable for different needs of the food service industry.

Why Trust SK Packaging for Plastic Pails Products

SK Packaging is a trusted name in the plastics industry for food storage solutions, offering quality plastic pails and other plastic food containers in Australia up to regulatory standards. Our innovative product designs focus on providing convenient, safe, and secure food packaging solutions.

We offer a variety of container sizes suitable for both small and large-scale food items like vegetable oils, dry foods (flour, sugar), liquid pasteurised milk products and more. In addition, we use high-quality materials for manufacturing, which makes our products heat resistant to certain degrees of temperature. As a result, it effectively extends the product's shelf life without compromising its freshness or taste due to exposure to extreme temperatures.

The airtight seal provided by the easy-to-use lid prevents any leakage from the outside environment, which helps ensure food safety by preventing contamination by moisture or oxygen within internal spaces - all of which guarantees satisfactory performance during transportation or shipment processes.

It makes our products an ideal packaging solution for your business needs. Additionally, the safe closure system feature eliminates any risk of accidental opening or spillage during handling. As a result, it increases customer satisfaction due to the peace of mind associated with their purchase.

In conclusion, one can trust SK Packaging for reliable plastic pails for food storage. We guarantee top-notch performance with valuable features like ease of use while ensuring compliance with existing standards governing them, including those related to safety and quality assurance measures.

SK Packaging is the premier choice for food service providers looking to utilise plastic pails. With years of industry experience, superior customer care and attention to detail in every part of our process - from production through delivery - you can trust us to provide quality products that exceed your expectations. So let us help you consider your business's packaging needs.

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